alyssa ann moreno


Hello, I'm Alyssa Moreno. I am a driven and resourceful individual when it comes to art and design. I have an A.A. in 2-Dimensional Art and love experimenting with various types of art. I am an eager learner and enjoy gaining insight on current design trends. I am interested in health and wellness design and gravitate towards projects that focus on designing spaces that improve overall wellbeing. My professional goal is to become a licensed designer and work in healthcare or commercial design.


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D.O.T.S. is a social justice project located in Fresno, California. The purpose of the organization is to improve access to quality health care for homeless populations through mobilized medical units in Fresno County. D.O.T.S. provides staff with a headquarters office that consists of separate vehicle and medical supply storage, a flexible workspace for collaboration, and space for patient records. The mobile medical units offer space for various configurations of modular storage and surfaces, and spaces for both patient and medical providers to utilize. Theoretical applications in the design include adaptive reuse, anthropometry, and territoriality.