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Dulce Maria


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Hello there,

My Name is Dulce Contreras and I am a first generation college student in my family. My education is something that I have always held true to my heart and is what I have always known to do. That's because I love learning new things and trying new things because I know that though is a wide world out there with so many things to discover.

I come from a small town called Lindsay where everyone knows each other and treated each other like family. That is why is stay kind to others and a small act of kindness can do so much to make the world brighter.

That's is one of the reasons why I dedicated my project to my Hispanic culture and my family. Our community goes through many hardships and loss of opportunities that other people have plenty of. Some people don't want to listen because of who we are and my project shows that we are as important as anyone else.

My goal is to someday be able to design beautiful spaces and homes for the poor Hispanic community and give back to the people who need it the most.  

La Nueva Vida Educational Center

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La Nueva Vida provides the public with the knowledge of the freedom that is taken away from people when they are detained, incarcerated and held in detention centers. We shed a light on the realities that these immigrants face and encourage people that they can stand up and be a voice for  the immigrants that are silenced. Designed with Spanish colonial features it shows the historical beauty of the Hispanic culture.



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