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Lesya Kuchkovskaya

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How did my creative journey start, you might ask. Well, I wasn't one of those people who knew that I was artistic early on. I was born in Ukraine, and we didn’t have much money, but I remember decorating our room with framed puzzles and making curtains and chair covers for my mom’s birthday. Upon arrival to the U.S. I was blessed with many creative job opportunities that fueled my desire to pursue an education in interior design.

As an artist, I am drawn to asymmetry, geometric forms and abstraction. I am passionate about innovation and unconventional representations, and enjoy creating spaces that are organic in nature and are void of excess. I draw inspiration from nature and observations of daily surroundings.

My ultimate goal in design is to benefit those I create for. My career aspiration is to work in the commercial or hospitality field of design for firms that partner with non-profit organizations to bring positive change & to enhance lives of the less fortunate.


View my resume and more of my work on my personal portfolio site:

on the roof




ON THE ROOF is an adaptive reuse project & chosen building is a 5-level Spiral Garage 7 in downtown Fresno, CA. Proposed design is a community park on the rooftop and a fitness center on the level below. Spaces on the rooftop include a playground, a basketball court, a café, dining/lounge area, vegetable garden, reflection spaces & a fitness center on the level below.

Its main mission is to provide a safe and healthy environment to local community members and to offer an escape from predominant urban footprint through nature-rich & immersive outdoor experiences.


Due to COVID-19 increased alienation, proposed design serves as a bridge between individuals regardless of skin color, religious beliefs or socio-economic status, uniting and restoring personal sense of belonging & health to our community.



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