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lilia torres

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Hello! My name is Lilia Torres and am part of Fresno State's graduating Interior Design class of 2021.

I first picked up my interest in design when I was part of the MESA program (Mathematic Engineering Science Achievement) in Jr. High. I initially took an interest in engineering with the many projects we took on in competitions, such as building CO2 cars to race or having a semester's worth of research dedicated to creating, designing and handmaking prosthetic arms. From there, I became interested in architecture and was my initial and concrete passion in high school to pursue as a career .

However, the colleges I had been accepted to did not have an architecture program, so I decided to major in Interior Design to explore my creative side. Four years later, and I could not have been happier with making that decision. As the saying goes: "when one door closes, another opens".

I am beyond excited to be graduating and completing my degree in something I could not have pictured myself doing back in high school. I look forward to future opportunities that lie ahead of me!


View my resume and more of my work on my personal portfolio site:

washington Elementary




In today’s building design, we see a similar design pattern between schools, prisons, and hospitals. It is time to start a change in that pattern and solve the problem that is the similarity in design between these three types of buildings. In redesigning Washington Elementary, located in Mendota, California, the solution will be to cater to all students and staff, providing a creative, educational, and safe environment. The existing site is surrounded by residential areas, a church, and is located off of Highway 180. This design is meant to help provide an interactive learning space throughout the entirety of the campus, where children can identify their surroundings through colors, shapes, sizes, numbers, etc. In their early childhood, children begin their journey of creative freedom, therefore the present designed spaces would mentally impact children, targeting their self-esteem and creativity process. Through this design, the goal is to help keep up and continue children’s creative freedom and provide a colorful environment in order to stimulate their senses.



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