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Omar Aldulijan



Hello. My name is Omar Aldulijan from Saudi Arabia. I am currently a student majoring in Interior Design. In this line of interior design, I have particular interest in educational design, hospital design, retail design, and designing for the elderly people. I am sure that I have horned my skills in creative design, especially in my use of colors. I believe that colors speak to the soul and are at the core of design.


Therefore, I try to incorporate this into my work to come up with beautiful designs. However, I try to put my skills in other areas I particularly enjoy, such as volunteering. I volunteer at the Habitat for Humanity that help low-income persons to build homes.  I also volunteer at the Grid Alternative for Solar Panels that works to ensure that everyone has access to renewable energy.


Besides volunteering, I also enjoy drawing and photography. As I eagerly wait for my graduation, I am also very excited to what the future holds for me.

Morpho Academy


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