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Shu Yee Chin



Hello! I am Shu Yee Chin, graduating Interior Design senior at Fresno State.

Aspire to create an impact on human lifestyles, environment, and the world we live in with innovative and inspiring designs, I pursue interior design as my major with enthusiasm. My design philosophy relies on the harmony between functional effectiveness and narrative quality of spaces. For me, design is about creating unique and effective solutions without compromising the human experience of the built environment. I am driven to elevate human experiences through seamlessly designed spaces by taking into consideration of wellness, sustainable, human-centered, and universal design principles while serving the essential and functional qualities of spaces. 

As a graduating senior, I am excited to transition my knowledge and experience from conceptualization into application in projects of different scales and typologies, contributing to a refreshed perspective in the design industry.


View my resume and more of my work on my personal portfolio site:




Inspired by the escalating mental health issues, privatization of leisure, losing sense of place

and belonging prevalent among individuals of
the urban community, the Urban Cultural Oasis functions as an Arts and Cultural center with its mission to address the losing of vital social
connections between individuals in the urban community of Oakland, California. By revitalizing an existing historical building through adaptive reuse principles, the project aims to address

the void of a publicly accessible Third place in the Oakland where mental health is of higher concern as compared to the state of California. The Urban Cultural Oasis is formulated on the basis of creating a restorative environment as a place for city dwellers to unwind, relax, and

heal from stressful routines. Building on wellness, sustainable, human design principles, and environmental psychology, the space incorporates programming that aims to

promote wellbeing holistically.


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