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tera dawn nuth



Hello! My name is Tera Nuth and I am part of California State University's graduating class of 2021! I began my education in design in 2018 after receiving my Associate's degree in Business Administration at Fresno City College. My interest in design has been around since I was young. I've always loved art and its many forms, and as I grew up, I learned how to express my art through design as well.

Growing up in the mountains, I've learned to appreciate nature and its beauty. Incorporating nature into my designs is something I always try to do. Throughout my education, I have learned design techniques and theories that resonate with my love of nature. Some of those include sustainable design, environmental psychology, and designing for wellness. My hope is to work with professionals who value nature and will further assist my knowledge and application of this in my designs. 


I feel like my experience at Fresno State has prepared me to begin my journey in my design career. I am excited to gain new experience and look forward to growing even more! 


View my resume and more of my work on my personal portfolio site:

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